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UK/EU Grant Application – Engineering Consultancy – Commercialisation

2nd Life EV Batteries

PatrimonyEV works with OEM's to address Producer Responsibility regulations and find high value 2nd life applications for EV batteries. Our aim is to reconfigure and reuse more than 95% of battery components

Engineering Consultancy

We provide Manufacturing and Engineering Consultancy services. Although grounded in Automotive many of our experiences can be directly translated to benefit other sectors


We help organisations and University groups to develop business models and create products and services that are competitive, profitable, sustainable and add significant value.

Our Work

Our aim is to create value by working closely with our Academic and Industry partners, to use our skill and experience to maximise value. PatrimonyEV is a UK innovation company that works with our partners and suppliers to create smart, valuable products and services that improve life today, and tomorrow. Through a blend of strategy, design and technology, we transform businesses ideas, products and services and equip them for the market. Longterm partnerships built on trust is in our DNA. Our primary business aim is supporting clients from agile start-ups, growing SMEs to the most well known industry leaders in long term collaborations. As Engineers and Business Professionals we use our resources, our investments, and our choices to achieve social and environmental goals ahead of the pursuit of profit.

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